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What is the best marketplace?

When it comes to selling our products online, the same questions always arise, where can I sell my products? What is the best market to sell?

The answer is not easy. First, we should ask ourselves a series of questions:

– What products do we want to sell?

– Our product is seasonal?

– Price range?

– What kind of clients are we looking for?

– Are they big or small products?

– Where are those customers and what platforms do they use?

– What is our sales volume currently?

– We have warehouses or logistics centers?

– Do We want to sell outside of our country?

– Output?

We should even ask ourselves if it is necessary or important for us to have our own online store. It requires an economic investment, time and is not always essential.

We’ll talk in another post, about social networks and digital marketing campaigns. Although it seems incredible, you can do very good marketing campaigns with small budgets. And it is not always necessary to be or invest in social networks.


Local artisan: A craftsman who designs and produces jewelry:

– The most normal thing is that you have exclusive and expensive designs with few units in stock.

– In this case, markets like Etsy or Amazon Handmade are the best options. Markets specialized in small craftsmen and handmade products.

– If you do not have a physical store, you might want to have a simple online store.

– It does not require a logistics center since they will make the shipments themselves.

A physical store that sells products of other brands or craftsmen:

– In this case, since you do not participate in the design or production process of the products, you must discard Etsy or Amazon Handmade.

– Depending on the products and profit margins, you could opt for Amazon, Ebay and / or your own online store.

– Depending on the sales volume, you could ship from your own warehouse, from the supplier’s warehouse or work with the Amazon or Ebay stores.

An online store that sells products by doing dropshipping:

– The dropshipping was very fashionable and is a bit saturated. But there is always a market for fresh, original products and above all with a good marketing behind.

– Amazon and Ebay are always the most sought after markets for this type of business.

– Suppliers make shipments, do not need to take care of anything.

Own brand:

– You have your own brand with one, two or several products. This implies, that you are going to produce enough and you will need to stock them.

– Amazon and Ebay are always the most sought after markets for this type of business.

– You can use the Amazon or Ebay logistic centers or have your own.

Market Research

In any of the options we discussed at the beginning, ALWAYS, the first thing is to conduct a market Research.

– Is someone currently selling that brand?

– Is there a product similar to ours?

– How many Reviews do They have? Positive Reviews?

– Can You improve the product, packaging or photographs?

– You can use some tool to see the volume of sales, profit margins, etc., of that competitor or that category of products.

– Study the cost of selling in our country and outside of it.

With those numbers ahead, you can get an idea of what the price will be that we will have to pay to enter the market.

Because I am sorry to tell you that this is not easy, that time has already happened. You will have to fight to get positive reviews, to get the best keywords in your ads (whether in google adwords, google shopping, Amazon PPC, Ebay PPC, Etsy PPC, etc), by the visibility in social networks, etc.

Different marketplaces

We always talk about Amazon, Ebay and Etsy, but there are many more:

– Walmart and google Shopping are investing a lot of money to fight Amazon.

– AliExpress, the Chinese giant.

– Rakuten, the Japanese giant.

– Mercado Libre, the giant for Latin America.

– Sells and participates in humanitarian aid programs at the same time with Greatergood.

– Each country has its own markets: Ahalife, bonanza, Rover, Pixmania, Fnac, Sears, Buy, Newegg, etc.

– There are also discount platforms or coupons: Chicfy, Privalia, Letsbonus, Groupon, Offerum, coupon, etc.

Amazon is in itself a separate world:

We can sell in Amazon in the United States or in all of Amazon North America (Canada, the United States and Mexico). We can sell in England or throughout Europe (England, France, Spain, Germany and Italy). And we still have Japan, China, India, Australia and Brazil.

And do not get confused, not all products are good for all markets. You can be selling 5000 units a month in the United States and not sell more than 10 units in Europe. Culturally, we are different and that shows in the purchases

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