Do you have an idea? .. Do you have a product? .. Do you have a brand?

We will help you launch it to the market.

(You can hire one, several or all of our services)

Phase 1

Idea, Product or Brand

We will do a market analysis to see if it can be sold on Amazon and which Amazon markets are better for that product. 

Who your competitors are, how much they sell, how many reviews they have, etc.

Open or Expand a company

Do you need to open a company? do you need to expand your company? Our Team will help you to open a company or delegation of your current company in the united states or the european union.


Our local VAT experts will take care of your VAT registrations and filings in US and the European countries.

Country VAT registration, EORI number registration, Country VAT filings, Payment reminder, threshold limit monitoring, governmental communication, country required fiscal representation, etc.

Trademarks and Patents

We work with trademark and patent registrars in the United States and Europe. This is very important to protect the brand within amazon and to access more exclusive services within the platform

Phase 2

Suppliers and Production

Do not you have a supplier? Are you looking for one? Do you need help to control production? QA? We have a team of people in Asia and Europe to support you in the search for suppliers, control production, quality control, shipping to logistics centers, etc.

Certificates, Exports and Imports

We work with companies that advise and manage the certificates to be able to import / export and therefore sell the products in the different markets.

Product and Packaging Design

Our team of designers will give you support in the design of the products, their packaging, labeling, insert cards, logo, UPC codes, etc.

Product photography

The photography of the products is an important point when it comes to selling in Amazon. We work with specialized photographers in product photography in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Phase 3

Open an Account in Amazon

We will open the account in amazon on your behalf, configure all options, manage the registration of the brand, link the account with external software for managing personalized emails to buyers, etc.

Listing creations

We take care of the listing creation. Search of the best keywords for title, short description, long description and PPC Campaigns for your best positioning. Pricing strategy. Selection of the best photos, design of the store front and of the long description in web format (only with brand registered), etc.

Translations of Listings and Keywords

Our team of translators will take care of the translation of the contents and search the keywords in the different languages.

ADS Campaigns

We must use the keywords in our benefit. Amazon provides us with some ways to position our products better. For example, a PPC campaign. In other hand, There are many strategies to follow when selling on the internet. One of them would be associated with social networks. We will look for the best strategy for your product.

Phase 4

Launch Campaign

This campaign includes (according to the product or customer):

Check and confirm that all the previous points are correct. The campaign of giveaways and influencers to obtain the first sales and reviews of the product. The initiation of the PPC campaign. Coordinate campaigns in social networks. And more tasks.

Account Management and Optimization

We need to maintain, update and optimize the product profile until the end of the product life. We will take care of account management.

Optimize product profile, optimize PPC campaigns, change photographs, optimize messages to customers, make new giveaways, coupons, optimize pricing strategy, monitor the competition, open new markets, etc.

And finally, maybe you want to introduce new products in the market.

Amazon is the biggest online market. But do not forget about the other marketplaces: Google Shopping, Alibaba, Ebay, Etsy, Wallmart, Fnac, etc.

Depending on the product, we will advise you which is the best market for your products.

We work with all marketplaces.

How can we help you?