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SEO / SEM strategy

Every day more professionals and companies consider it essential to have a presence on the Internet; the number of potential customers who make purchases or decide to purchase online services progresses every year unstoppably.

This has two consequences:

The more potential customers there are, the more desirable it is to increase the channels of presence or online sales by professionals.

This leads to a funnel, in which few companies (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon …) have the right systems to put clients in contact with companies, which has made SEO / SEM a very competitive sector and dynamic.

Therefore, when we consider making a positioning strategy, the first step, and perhaps the most important one, is to decide what we want to achieve. let’s see some typical use cases:

Global Brand

If our strategy is to promote a global brand, we will want to detect the target audience with a fairly broad criterion. We will want to appear in the appropriate media, for which it may be optimal to use images and videos.

Online store or service company

If we have a product or service from a focused niche sector, but we believe that we can reach many places in the world (for example, a brand of casual shirts), we will seek to encourage young people to click on links or graphic creatives of the shirts.

Local business

It is very important to locate the potential client, either by your place of residence or where you are at a certain time.

In this case, getting a good SEO (without paying advertising) is usually relatively easy, since it is likely that the number of companies competing for that sector in that location is not very high.

Therefore, the typology of the objective to be provided will lead us on the path to empower.

But this will only be the beginning. The following factors will be fundamental when:

Planning the right strategy

– What are the words (keywords) for which we want to be found?

– How much do we want to invest in advertising (short-term results) and how much in natural positioning (medium and long-term results)?

– How much competition is there for those keywords in the geographical areas where we want to appear? Either by SEO (natural positioning) or SEM (paid advertising, this will result in: more competition, more cost).  It may be necessary to study several rounds of words using the right tools until you find the right ones

– What is a conversion for me? In general, a conversion is defined as an action performed by a client that provides us income directly or indirectly. A conversion can be a final order in the shopping cart, a call, an email in the typical case of a service company, or a promotional video has seen for at least X seconds. This will define the return on investment (ROI), which is vital to define the success of the strategy.

These questions will allow us to define a first online advertising strategy, which will end with an action plan.

The linketer team will be happy to help you define your SEO / SEM strategy  and your Internet Marketing plan, as well as help you carry out the actions resulting from it. To do this, get in touch with us, without any commitment.

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